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[movies]eurovision uber alles - eua.2 - onmp196 - dvd
dvd comprising the videos of eurovision uber alles 1st ep. 5 videos / running time approx. 36 minutes 16:9 / stereo / pal eua.2 / onmp196 on-mix.com, april 2o12 myspace.com/eurovisionuberalles notes: get the "movie files" and "other files" to burn the dvd
Keywords: eurovision uber alles; sobria ebrietas; on-mix
Downloads: 11
[movies]Sobria Ebrietas - Nebula Rising - Sobria Ebrietas
Based on the groundbreaking album Esion, Sobria Ebrietas now releases a video entitled: Nebula Rising.
Keywords: video; sobria ebrietas; nebula rising; noise; esion; ON-Mix; ON-Mix media; Betrand Barbier; France; idm
Downloads: 71
[audio]Notorious Twins - The Birth of a New Dawn [onmp006] - Notorious Twins
Recorded and released in 1997, this project saw the Notorious Twins exploring themes and directions that first surfaced on the Boy In Trouble sessions. Entirely instrumental, it features 4 songs that delivers the promise of Boy In Trouble.
Keywords: Acid; Techno; Zero V; The Netherlands; Ketelhaven; Holland; ON-Mix
Downloads: 733
[audio]Kodjax - Obscure Mixes Part 2 [onmp010] - Kodjax
As an event, Kodjax' Live mixes remains legendary. This start-to-final-encore record of the live mix showcases a DJ perfectly able to carry its music from studio to stage as well as any other combo worth its salt should be able to do. Use the music not the drugs.
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Ambient; Soundscape; Sneek; The Netherlands; Holland; ON-Mix
Downloads: 195
[audio]Boy In Trouble - B.I.T. [onmp004] - Boy In Trouble
Henk's first solo album as Boy In Trouble, entitled 'B.I.T.'. The album consists of 6 drone-based instrumental songs, this album has remained a firm favourite of Henk's. Released in 1989. All aspects of the recording were handled by Henk. Transferred from tape to hard-disc, it took Henk several nights to polish the original recordings so that they're worth publishing. "Doubt rented a room at fear's place, somewhere back in the dark alleys of a man's brain...
Keywords: ambient; acid; noise; electro; techno; ON-Mix; Sneek
Downloads: 7,014 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]DJ PulseID's Netlabel Music Podcast no.20 - DJ PulseID
The 2013 netlabel compilation podcast by DJ PulseID. 01. John Ov3rblast - Digital Prayer [Stories from the Fog EP] 02. NComfortable - Cold War [Ephedrin 7"] 03. Fucksia - The Water Song [Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno] 04. Spiedkiks - Ear Conflict On Main Street [Take Off Your Make Up] 05. Th.e n.d - Everything Starts With a Begin [Annodam 94] 06. Marc Bestgen - Beach Is Far Away [These Waves Are Not For Sale] 07...
Keywords: djpulseid; netlabel; podcast; electronic; downtempo; chill; alternative; on-mix; music
Downloads: 35
[audio]Kodjax - Obscure Mixes Part 1 [onmp009] - Kodjax
As an event, Kodjax' Live mixes remains legendary. This start-to-final-encore record of the live mix showcases a DJ perfectly able to carry its music from studio to stage as well as any other combo worth its salt should be able to do. Use the music not the drugs.
Keywords: Ambient; drone; industrial; ON-mix; Sneek; The netherlands
Downloads: 313 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Mr. DeVo! - Yes, You Found That Needle, So Hit It [onmp008] - Mr.DeVo!
Following a flirtation with different projects, Mr. DeVo! returned to the electronic dance on this 1998 album. With 1998's Boiler, he made yet another leap back toward the electronica base that had passed him by during the mid-'90s.
Keywords: Electronic; Techno; Sneek; The Netherlands; Holland; ON-Mix
Downloads: 1,100
[audio]Mr. DeVo! - Knowhow [onmp011] - Mr.DeVo!
A surprisingly remix album from Mr. DeVo! Old tracks remixed and some new tracks. All together a set of songs that fit well together. Showing us that Mr. DeVo! knows how.
Keywords: Electronic; Sneek; Techno; The Netherlands; ON-Mix; Holland
Downloads: 665
[audio]Mr. DAM - The Live and Radio Sessions [onmp015] - Mr.DAM
Ever had that you cleaned up the mess in your room, you found things you thought you'd lost? Well, Mr. DAM did. Recorded some new songs as well and put it all on one CD. Mr. DeVo! and Zero V have a strange appetite for practical jokes. You'll find some of them here, disguised as songs. This CD is an one night stand of Mr. DeVo!, still showing the love for music and different styles.
Keywords: Electronic; Pop; Industrial; Sneek; The Netherlands; Holland; ON-Mix
Downloads: 507
[audio]Mr. DeVo! - Live Sessions [onmp017] - Mr.DeVo!
Where others go and make a compilation album, Mr. DeVo! took off to create the Live Sessions albums, capturing him in his most vunerable state. Creating new songs on the fly in a live environment. All songs were recorded during different live sessions. All aspects of the recording was handled by Mr. DeVo!
Keywords: Electronic; The Netherlands; Techno; Holland; ON-Mix; Sneek
Downloads: 552
[audio]Boy In Trouble - Atmospherics (Live) [onmp031] - Boy In Trouble
Due to or - better yet - thanks to a rotten tape, Boy In Trouble was put back into gear. The entire 1991 album had to be done again. While Henk is still working on the Metamorphosis project, together with some musical friends. He decided that re-recording the album would be a hell of a job. Even when we consider that part of the samples, which Henk used at the time, where not available anymore. Thus there was the decision to record a live album...
Keywords: idm; electronic; The Netherlands; Holland; ON-Mix; techno
Downloads: 757
[audio]Scamlin-Lost In Russia [onmp072] - Scamlin
Debut album of Scamlin on the ON-Mix Media label. Turn it around Produced by Ekim.
Keywords: speed; garage; dance; scamlin; russia; amstelveen; ON-Mix; Media; Ekim
Downloads: 5,944
[audio]Henk - Industrial Fascination [onmp170] - ON-Mix Music
Industrail Fascination is Henk's debut release for ON-Mix Music. He carries the listener on an aural journey of alienated proportions. "Industrial Fascination" is the equivalent of a still life - a sonic space where nothing much happens but everything moves. "Steel Arches" is susurrating helix of drones - sounds that shimmer drift at glacier speed, fragments that are hints of melody.
Keywords: Henk; ambient; experimental; industrial; fascination; ON-Mix Music; Ketelhaven; Netherlands
Downloads: 164
[audio]Sobria Ebrietas - And All That's Left Is Wrong [onmp132] - Sobria Ebrietas
A song of austere, somewhat experimental ambient, quite different in feel and tone to his previous release, though with decidedly deviant stylistic features. A beautiful work of art that gets under your skin from the first note.
Keywords: ambient; electronic; experimental; sobria ebrietas; france; on-mix media
Downloads: 279
[audio]Mr. DeVo! - Boiler [onmp007] - Mr.DeVo!
Though probably nobody fully appreciated it at the time Mr. DeVo!'s debut is at once both an eclectic, functional record and a groundbreaking release. While various synth pioneers had come before  Gary Numan, early Human League, late-'70s Euro-disco, and above all Kraftwerk all had clear influence on Boiler  Mr. DeVo! became the undisputed founder of straight-up music with the album's 11 songs, light, hooky, and danceable numbers.
Keywords: Electronic; Techno; Sneek; ON-Mix; The Netherlands; Holland
Downloads: 6,841
[audio]Viral Implications - The Entry [onmp168] - Viral Implications
The second EP of Viral Implications. Again 4 tracks with different moods and atmospheres. The EP is produced by Henk.
Keywords: ambient; experimental; avantgarde; viral implications; henk; ON-Mix Music
Downloads: 145
[audio]Nathalia Cumerinski - The L-Word Part 1 The Female Album [onmp035] - Nathalia Cumerinski
This is the remarkable debut of a woman that is not hiding hor feelings. Nathalia Cumerinski has firmly set foot on the ground with this debut album. The songtitles reflect what she was feeling/doing at that particular moment. With whom or what, we don't know, but it made her create this great album.
Keywords: club; house; dance; ON-Mix; The Netherlands; L-word
Downloads: 1,347
[audio]Straight Component - Just Another Product [onmp019] - Straight Component
Compared to where most of the band's career would later go, Just Another Product is a fairly conventional debut from the band. As such it's also arguably the least cryptic and most approachable release for newcomers. Rather than focusing on ambient experimentalism or industrial noise destruction, here Straight Component sound like a straightforward if at times inspired act, whose tendencies to push the envelope are secondary to keeping the beat going...
Keywords: Electronic; Sneek; The Netherlands; Holland; Mr.DeVo!; ON-Mix; Techno; electro
Downloads: 599
[audio]DJ Thopa-Mishta [onmp044] - DJ Thopa
"Mishta" is DJ Thopa's second release on the ON-Mix label.The follow up to Utopia Vanished, which was released on ON-Mix in January 2006. Mishta is a dream. It´s a subconcious state of mind, an illusion. His music has flavours of tech house, techno, and even breaks in places. It's dark, it's intricate, and it builds and builds. Current influences include Germany's top labels, Kompakt and Poker Flat Recordings as well as Denmark's Tic Tac Toe...
Keywords: Electro; Techno; Thopa; ON-Mix; Madrid; House; Dream; Tech House; Techno; Villatrap
Downloads: 2,402 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Notorious Twins - Electro Works vol.4 [onmp162] - Notorious Twins
This Notorious Twins’ 7th release: Electro Works vol.4 An EP with 4 tracks. A result of numerous recording sessions during the period 2005 – 2009. Although it’s quite a timespan, the tracks have alltogether a coherent sound. The music is electro based. This is number four in a series of 4. The final one. All tracks are written, played and produced by the Notorious Twins. Notorious Twins are: * Zero V * DJ PulseID
Keywords: notorious twins; electro; disco; dance; works; on-mix; music; netherlands; dronten; ketelhaven; zero v; dj pulseid
Downloads: 157
[audio]Ekim - Triple 10 [onmp023] - Ekim
Ekim's debut release on their ON-Mix label. Including two remixes by Mr. DeVo! and Zero V. It is their 'carte de visite' to posterity. They created a song with a high techno feel to it. Very hard to keep your feet on the ground.
Keywords: Techno; Hardhouse; ON-mix; Zero V; Mr.DeVo!; The Netherlands; Holland; Amstelveen; Dronten; Sneek; Ketelhaven; Trance
Downloads: 1,826
[movies]Sobria Ebrietas - 98-11 (video) [onmp175] - Sobria Ebrietas
Another intense work of art, performed by Sobria Ebrietas. It hints at the groundbreaking album Esion. Dark, sinister and atmospheric.
Keywords: sobria ebrietas; 11-98; video; noise; avantgarde; experimental; ambient; dark; ON-Mix Music; music
Downloads: 26
[audio]Being Boring - Magnolia [onmp172] - ON-Mix Music
Debut EP by Being Boring, Magnolia. An EP packed wit atmospheres and mood swings, from nu-jazz to avantgarde. Released as onmp172 on ON-Mix Music.
Keywords: being boring; magnolia; ambient; nu-jazz; avantgarde; experimental; ON-Mix Music
Downloads: 177
[audio]Practitune - Nur Spielerei [onmp027] - Practitune
How confused could a man be? Practitune proves that he is very confused. His music is a melting-pot of all kinds of music styles. It's a steamy hot mixture, grabs you by the throat, slaps you in the face, kicking you're butt. But somewhere in the middle of the album he finds some peace, Practitune comes to one's senses. But not for long. The confusion is back. He is not playing hard to get you can't simply get him...
Keywords: Techno; Electro; Big Beat; Mr.DeVo!; Sneek; The Netherlands; ON-Mix; Paris Hilton
Downloads: 4,150
[audio]Sobria Ebrietas - Esion [onmp155] - Sobria Ebrietas
Esion is Sobria Ebrietas' 2nd album on the ON-Mix Music label. The album consists of eight tracks. It's an album that will grow on you, eventually grabbing you by the throat. It is intense, pure, dark, honest and truly a masterpiece in its own spectrum. The start of the album is dark, noisy and very intense. The two centerpieces of the album part II and III hold every promise made by the other songs; melodic, dark, quiet, soothing, atmospheric, dark and very very intense.
Keywords: ambient; dark; industrial; electronic; sobria ebrietas; esion; on-mix; music; france
Downloads: 727
[audio]S.N.E.E.K. - Words From The Front [onmp002] - S.N.E.E.K.
Their second album to hit the shelves in 1988, S.N.E.E.K.'s sophomore effort, Words from the Front, found the band dropping most of their debut's fringe in favor of synth-oriented fuzz and quirk. Although the set isn't quite up to par with its predecessor, Words from the Front is still a challenging listen.
Keywords: Electronic; Pop; Mr.DeVo!; Zero V; The Netherlands; Sneek; Holland; ON-Mix
Downloads: 564
[audio]S.N.E.E.K. - Iets Anders Graag [onmp001] - S.N.E.E.K.
Although S.N.E.E.K. only, officialy, released two albums, their 1988 Iets Anders Graag CD firmly set foot on the ground. A remarkable debut, the set snarls with leftover punk intent, a few rock riffs, and a wealth of electronics that not only reach back to the band's youth, but also predate much of what would explode out of the next wave of Music's underground. Sounding absolutely nothing like MTV's mainstream bands, the duo snarls across the opener "Gone", setting the stage for what follows...
Keywords: Electronic; Pop; Sneek; Holland; The Netherlands; Mr.DeVo!; Zero V; ON-Mix
Downloads: 9,637
[audio]Woopekken on Babbochjas-DaDaDaBlahBlah [onmp041] - Woopekken on Babbochjas
Woopekken on Babbochjas is: MasterBeet-saw Not Arzt-hammer Stooley Wooley-flute Bang your head on our heavy beats What does "Woopekken on Babbochjas" mean? Well just nothing just "DaDaDaBlahBlah" Woopekken on Babbochjas stands for heavy beats and hard sounds, no compromises. Woopekken on Babbochjas just wants to kick everybody's ass. Their debut album "DaDaDaBlahBlah" is just the beginning. Experience this album...
Keywords: Techno; Terror; Trash; Acid; Hardhouse; Mr.DeVo!; ON-mix; Industrial; Heavy
Downloads: 10,397 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Straight Component - Three Men in a Tonka [onmp021] - Straight Component
Although Straight Component's first two albums were groundbreaking in their own right, '3 men in a Tonka' is where the band's hypnotic electronic pulse genuinely came into its own. The main difference between '3 men in a Tonka' and its predecessors is how it develops an insistent, propulsive pulse that makes the repeated rhythms and riffs of the shimmering electronic keyboards all the more hypnotizing...
Keywords: Electronic; techno; idm; Mr.DeVo!; Sneek; the netherlands; ON-mix; house
Downloads: 1,787
[audio]Resistranz - Junk Meets Gentleman [onmp028] - Resistranz
A project between Realistic and Mr.DeVo!. Realistic is an ambient-music producer. It's very relaxed music with a bite. Dark soundscapes. Just close your eyes and make your own trip. Use music not drugs. The album is produced by Mr.DeVo!
Keywords: ambient; glitch; idm; soundscapes; dark-ambient; mr.devo; on-mix; drone; sneek; the netherlands
Downloads: 4,927
[audio]7 Bandits - Dewdrops [onmp104] - 7 Bandtis
This is the 4th release by the 7 Bandits. Although producers Zero V and DJ PulseID's tertiary relationship to the experimental electronic scene is revealed in the naiveté of some of the arrangements, they more than make up for it in the production, which is nothing short of shimmering. And while many of the tracks fall into a somewhat static mold of ambient experiments explored years earlier by artists such as Speedy J and Biosphere, the group's knack for hand-painted sounds and deep atmosphe...
Keywords: 7 Bandits; Dewdrops; Ambient; Noise; Avantgarde; Electronic; Experimental; Zero V; DJ PulseID; ON-Mix Media; Netherlands
Downloads: 239
[audio]Art3m - Techno ChroniCles[onmp133] - Art3m
Impressive debut release by Art3m on the ON-Mix Media label. A beat packed techno release with an odd twist. Enjoy!
Keywords: art3m; artem; techno; chronicles; dance; samples; russia; usa; on-mix media; hip hop
Downloads: 437
[audio]Mini Mouse-Frivool EP[onmp055] - Mini Mouse
Mini Mouse is a project between 2 Belgium producers. This EP is recorded somewhere in Belgium. This is their debut EP. The music is raw and monotone and sometimes frivolous. Mini Mouse: Sahnemaus Frechemaus Zip contains artwork
Keywords: Monotone; Electro; Techno; Raw; Industrial; ON-MIX; Belgium; Belgie; electronic; frivolous; Sahnemaus; Frechemaus; Mr.DeVo!
Downloads: 431
[audio]Zero V - Sequenced Synthesis [onmp032] - Zero V
Zero V's latest work. Completely different from his last epic album "Songs of Parting", he now heads for the dancefloor. Although all the songs have Zero V's twist - what is going on in this man's mind? - it is definitely his most transparant album to date. It starts of with a tongue in cheek song, where Girly, Nathalia and the man himself are caught on tape while discussing a few things in a bar (as it seems...)...
Keywords: zero v; on-mix; sequenced; synthesis; dance; electronic; ketelhaven; the netherlands; samples; brasil
Downloads: 11,585
[audio]Mongrel-Necklacing (EP) [onmp053] - Mongrel
This is Mongrel's second release on ON-Mix. Mongrel is a side project of Mr.DeVo!. On this EP he's playing with beats,rhythms,bass and voicesamples. The music style is Drum & Bass-Breakbeat, sometimes you will hear some reggae or dancehall samples. It's just an experiment. Enjoy it! Produced by Mr.DeVo! Zip contains artwork
Keywords: Beats; Rhythms; Bass; Voicesamples; Drum & bass; Breakbeat; Jungle; Mr.DeVo!; Sneek; The Netherlands; ON-Mix
Downloads: 1,847
[audio]The Circadian Rythms - Our Pop Is Real [onmp102] - The Circadian Rythms
Second release by The Circadian Rythms on the ON-Mix Media label. An EP this time; Our Pop Is Real. Three impressive songs, filled with emotions and a breathtaking stillness. Lyrics: OUR POP IS REAL What's the matter with me? I've been tableturning since the day I met you Can't we keep quiet for once? Can't anyone stifle our sense of adventure? What's the matter with me? I've been tableturning since the day I met you Always so full of ourselves When everyone else is looking down in the dumps Tab...
Keywords: Electronic; Vocal; Ambient; Chill; Electro; Cascadian Rythms; Pop; ON-Mix Media; Gabriel Rojo; Argentina
Downloads: 346
[audio]Notorious Twins - Electro Works vol.2 [onmp141] - Notorious Twins
This Notorious Twins' 5th release: Electro Works vol.2 An EP with 4 tracks. A result of numerous recording sessions during the period 2005 - 2009. Although it's quite a timespan, the tracks have alltogether a coherent sound. The music is electro based. The song that kicks off the EP, Block Land, is more disco based than most of the tracks in this series of 4 EP's. A typical 80s drum with a detuned bass, layers of pads and sparse percussion make this a Notorious Twins trademark...
Keywords: electro; electronic; disco; monotone; notorious twins; zero v; dj pulseid; on-mix media; ketelhaven; netherlands
Downloads: 209
[audio]Sasha Zapadnyi - '0.33' [onmp219] - Sasha Zapadnyi
First Single by Sasha Zapadnyi on ON-Mix Music, '0.33'. An electronic piece leaning on the accordeon flow. Highly danceable with a folk twist.
Keywords: sasha zapadnyi; 0.33; electronic; accordeon; funk house; ON-Mix Music; free download; mp3; single
Downloads: 122
[audio]7 Bandits - The Darkest of Dreaming [onmp062] - 7 Bandits
The third album by 7 Bandits headed by label co-founder Zero V further explores the 7 Bandits concept. There's more of a coherent sound now, featuring Zero V and remixer DJ PulseID. The 1 track album is entirely instrumental (given the traditional 7 Bandits treatment of layers of echo, reverb, and phasing), which is pleasant enough and memorable. The track continues the debut's trend of intriguing and fascinatingly drones, ranging from the heavy use of the Moog and radiowaves to distorted drums,...
Keywords: darkest; dreaming; 7 Bandits; ON-Mix Media; Ambient; Drones; Moviescore; Radiowaves; Ketelhaven; Netherlands
Downloads: 678
[audio]Sobria Ebrietas - Media Res [onmp216] - Sobria Ebrietas
A compilation of the work of Sobria Ebrietas. Dark, edgy, uncomfortable, melodic, soothing and industrial.
Keywords: sobria ebrietas; media res; compilation; industrial; ambient; dark-ambient; ON-Mix Music
Downloads: 92
[audio]Max Mashup-Some Like It Hot [onmp073] - Max Mashup
Debut release of Max Mashup on the ON-Mix Media label, entitled; Some Like It Hot. Album is produced by Ekim.
Keywords: rock; avantgarde; noise; experimental; max mashup; ekim; ON-Mix Media; Amstelveen; Netherlands
Downloads: 587
[audio]Straight Component - Nicy [onmp020] - Straight Component
Having indulged in more explicitly realms with the different side projects, Straight Component returned to full action with 'Nicy', an effort that ranks as one of the best Straight Component releases sofar. If not as immediately memorable on a song per song basis as an overall piece 'Nicy' makes for an inventive, fascinating aural experience. All music composed and made by Mr. DeVo! & J. Surrealism at the Peek-A-Boo productions studio.
Keywords: Electronic; Sneek; Mr.DeVo!; The Netherlands; Holland; ON-mix; Techno; Electro
Downloads: 584
[audio]Spoiled Egg-Rotten fruit basket [onmp047] - Spoiled Egg
This are the recordings of many lost weekend sessions between the members of Spoiled Egg. It's a project between Wat Tooty?, Nicotinejunk and Mr.DeVo! The music is monotone-techno related electronic music. This is their debut EP, maybe next year they will release a full album. Plans are not made yet. You can hear the influences of DAF, Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, Bill Leeb, etc. Members of Spoiled Egg are: Wat Tooty?-Synthesizers(from Germany) Nicotinejunk-Bassmachines,Drummachines (from German...
Keywords: Monotone; Electro; Techno; Raw; Industrial; Mr.DeVo!; ON-MIX; Germany; The Netherlands; electronic; DAF; IDM
Downloads: 2,087 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Zero V - Elysian Fields [onmp228] - Zero V
The past six or seven months Zero V has been working on a new EP. ‘Elysian Fields‘. Just like its predecessor ‘Conflict of Emotions‘ it will be a neo-soul/nu-jazz oriented piece of work. 4 tracks: - Isles of the Blessed - Work and Days - Twelfth Night - An Old Haunt Zero V deliberately took the same path as with ‘Conflict of Emotions’. Carefully crafted songs that are coherent in their own way.
Keywords: Zero V; Elysian Fields; neo soul; nu jazz; on-mix; music; mp3
Downloads: 92
[audio]Straight Component - Soundsystem In Distress [onmp029] - Straight Component
Straight Component is back after 5 years resting their case. Back with pumping beats and hard basses. No time to rest just dance, dance and dance. Enjoy and mostly feel the hardtrance-house music of Straight Component. This album kicks ass and bangs your head to the rhythm of the hard beats. The album is produced by Mr. DeVo! Warning: Straight Component takes no responsibility for blowing up your speakers.
Keywords: Hardhouse; trance; techno; harddance; hardtrance; on-mix; straight component; mr.devo!; Sneek; The Netherlands
Downloads: 5,356
[audio]Notorious Twins - The End of an Era [onmp018] - Notorious Twins
A predominantly electronic recording. Recorded at the Garage Studio in the Netherlands, and produced by the Notorious Twins. The album contains some of Notorious Twins' most personal songs to date.
Keywords: acid; dance; trance; techno; house; rebirth; notorious twins; zero v; on-mix
Downloads: 13,857
[audio]Boy In Trouble - Gateway To Civilization [onmp074] - Boy In Trouble
Boy In Trouble put the bite in the Gateway to Civilization. Major kudos to Zero V and G for creating BIT's most accessible works. Until 2005, the group's scant material had been nearly impossible to find. This release features their new trademark '78 Caddy. Like the remainder of their songs, it features the three "R"s: rhythm, raw, and relaxation. But arguably their best moment is "Strollers" with its 80s electro sound, post-dub bass, narrative/old school samples and blues guitar...
Keywords: electro; downtempo; old school; downbeat; minimal; Boy In Trouble; ON-Mix Media; Ketelhaven; Netherlands
Downloads: 1,586
[audio]The Circadian Rythms - The Wheels of Poseidon [onmp088] - The Circadian Rythms
"The intensely bright lumniscene approached us rapidly, shooting sharply defined light rays to the west in rapid succession... to the left of us a gigantic fiery wheel formed itself with spokes that reached as far as one could see..." "The Wheels of Poseidon" is an ambient symphony representing the rare natural phenomenom described in Artur C. Clarke's story "A meeting with Medusa" (from which the above quotation is taken)...
Keywords: ambient; electronic; symphony; gabriel; rojo; circadian; rythms; argentina; on-mix; media
Downloads: 3,293
[audio]Ekim - SINSation [onmp026] - Ekim
Ekim's second release on the ON-Mix label, assisted by his brothers in crime Mr. DeVo! and Zero V. They continue to aim for posterity with this new 'carte de visite'. Ekim created the song SINSation, moved as he was by the movie Sin City and Sensation the White and Black edition. This time he asked Girly Consalves to feature on the track. Again he asked Mr. DeVo! and Zero V to remix the song. Well, using their methodology of "hey we gotta song, let's change it!" they both created 2 new versions ...
Keywords: Techno; House; Mr.DeVo!; Ekim; ON-mix; Zero V; erotic; Girly
Downloads: 591
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